It’s vital that your premises are safe, accessible and compliant with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations. Our DDA handrail systems are the smart one-stop solution. Secure, tailored to your premises and easily assembled with an Allen key – no need for an onsite welder – DDA handrail systems keep sites from schools to medical centres safe and running smoothly.

DDA regulations are stringent, but as an experienced DDA handrail supplier, when you order from Ezi Klamp, you can rest assured that your DDA handrail design ticks all the boxes. From the continuous 42mm diameter handrail to the high-visibility polyester powder finish and not-cold-to-touch feel, our DDA handrail systems keep your premises compliant, now and into the future.

DDA Handrail System

  • DDA-1 Elbow

  • DDA-1 Elbow

  • DDA-2 Wall End Return

  • DDA-3 Post Bracket

  • DDA-4 Post End Return

  • DDA-5 Inline Swivel

  • DDA-6 Wall Bracket

  • DDA-7 Split Elbow

  • Key Clamp 101-4 Short Tee

    The 101-4 Short Tee is a required fitting for DDA handrail. 2 of these fittings are needed per post.


  • Key Clamp 131-3 Wall Flange

    The key clamp 131-3 Wall Flange is used where positional fixing is required, typically used where rail meets a wall. Please note that this fitting is not designed for use as a base plate to support a handrail, guardrail or other structure – the 132-4 Base Plate should be used instead.



  • Key Clamp 132-4 Base Plate

    The 132-4 Base Plate is one method for fixing the handrail, this is used when fitting posts to a flat surface. There are other methods for fixing post also.


  • Key Clamp 146-4 Palm Fitting

    The 146-4 Palm Fixing is a fitting which enables the post to be fixed to the side of a wall.


  • Key Clamp 150-3 Internal Joiner

    The 150-3 key clamp fitting is a straight internal joiner for connecting two tubes of the same diameter. Can only be used with the standard 3.2mm wall thickness tube we supply. It is a required fitting for meeting DDA handrail requirements. 2 X DDA rings are required with each fitting to make a smooth, comfortable joint.


  • Key Clamp 184-4 Metal Cap

    The 184-4 metal cap is a galvanised plug to stop off open ended tube. This is often required for DDA style handrails to close the end of the posts.

  • Key Clamp 232-4 Ramp Base Plate

    The key clamp 232-4 Ramp Base Plate can be used on a slope or ramp of 0-11°. Fixing holes are of sufficient diameter to give a good fixing with either a mechanical or chemical anchor. The two grubscrews in the vertical socket give greater stability to the upright.

  • M10X300 STUD SETS

    If you are fixing your handrail to a wall, concrete surface or other hard surfaces, then this is a way of fixing to ensure a sturdy handrail.


    This fitting is commonly used to fix 131 wall fitting. There is 4 bolts required per wall fitting.



    We also provide postcrete, if you want to have your handrail concreted in, then we have the solution to do this!

  • Rubber Gap Washer



    The Tek screw is a simple method for fixing handrail.