As site manager, car park safety is your responsibility, but Ezi Klamp has the solution. You’ll find all the latest car park safety products right here, from steel bollards to Armco-type crash barriers, with selected products available for next-day UK delivery.

From our UK factory, Ezi Klamp supplies everything you need to make your car park safe and secure, in a choice of styles and finishes that suit your surroundings. From height restriction barriers and speed bumps in bold black-and-yellow, to free standing demarcation barriers that promote a smooth flow of vehicles through your work site, our extensive range is the complete car park safety solution.

At Ezi Klamp, we’re passionate about customer service. Call our experts today for a fast, no-obligation quote, then trust us to dispatch your car park equipment for prompt delivery. Our customers give us 9.4/10 positive feedback, and when you order from us, you’ll discover why.

Car park products

  • Free-Standing Demarcation Barrier

    Due to demand from existing clients, we now have this effective social distancing barrier system available for all businesses and organisations to purchase, with quick delivery from our UK headquarters. The Ezi Klamp Demarcation barrier is free-standing, quick to install and is tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 105mph.


    Ideal for:

    - Supermarkets

    - Hospitals

    - Health Centres

    - Nursing Homes

    - Covid-19 Testing Centres

    - Foodbanks

    - Food Collection Centres

    - ...Or anywhere else that needs to segregate people.

    We'd also like to say that we are delighted to be included within a new, free COVID-19 Healthcare Directory which showcases a range of products that support the reduction of the spread of the virus, patient care, and the protection of healthcare professionals. We have teamed up with Medaco, a leading supplier of health and patient care equipment, and a number of other businesses, to create a brand new COVID-19 Health Directory which showcases products and equipment that can be used to treat and support COVID-19 patients and health care providers.

    The directory is interactive, enabling you to easily find out more information about each product with direct links to each supplier and we hope it will save valuable time.

    Our sales team are on hand to answer any questions you might have. We all need to help as much as possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and with a real demand for products that can make a difference, we would be grateful if you could share the link to the directory so that as many people as possible can access it.

    Please use the 'Download Brochure' button above to  access the Medical Directory.

  • Height Restriction Barrier

    Our height restriction barriers can be installed into premises to help deter larger HGVs or LGVs from entering the area.
    These barriers serve as a warning to the drivers of these vehicles that they should not enter the area and that the way forward is intended for smaller vehicles only.
    These height restriction barriers are used in the likes of warehouses, multi-storey car parks and more.
    Quick and easy to install the barriers will serve an excellent purpose and will provide service for a
    long time.
    This Height Restrictor provides an ideal solution for the prevention of access to unauthorised areas such as staff car parks or underground low-level car parks.

  • Height Restriction Barrier with Nudge Bar

    The nudge bar on the barrier allows you to restrict the height of vehicles that enter your work site. It can be adjusted to suit your needs.

    Available sizes of bar: 2000 mm, 4000 mm, 6000 mm

  • Rubber Speed Bump 50 mm

    Our speed bumps are sold in bundles and come complete with end caps and fixings needed for the installation. Our 50 mm speed bump height is recommended when speed must be restricted to 15 MPH. 

  • Rubber Speed Bump 75 mm

    Our speed bumps are sold in bundles and come complete with end caps and fixings needed for the installation. Our 75mm speed bump height is recommended when required speed must be restricted to  5-10 MPH.

  • Surface Mounted Flow Plates

    Flow plates are an effective way of controlling traffic flow and direction in car parks, business facilities, housing complexes or anywhere with low, medium or high traffic areas.
    Our products are not designed to damage vehicles however if driven onto the wrong way it may cause tyre damage.
    The flow plate is perfect for creating one way directional traffic.
    Most commonly used for entrances and exits on car parks and one way roads, but is also a perfect solutions for stopping drivers using roads as a cut through.


    Eliminates the problem of piercing roadway surfaces to an approximate depth of 12”
    Enforced one way traffic flow
    Easy to fix or relocate
    No drainage required
    Tough, heavy duty patented design

  • Water Filled Barriers

    Our water filled barriers are perfect for creating a temporary barrier

    The barriers can be water filled or for a more permanent requirement sand filled and can be assembled with ease.
    They are designed to create a solid wall leaving no gaps between each barrier when linked together.
    Produced from UV stabilised prime polyethylene, each design is fully stackable for ease of transport and storage.
    Each barrier is fully compatible to fit reflective post & plank or mini mesh panels.