For site managers introducing safety measures in public spaces, Ezi Klamp supplies a full range of cycle stands, barrier hoops and bollards. From parking bays to building entrances, we have the specialist equipment to satisfy health and safety requirements, from designating restricted areas and keeping pedestrians safe to preventing damage to vehicles onsite.

Just let our team know your requirements and we’ll give a no-obligation quote, drawing on our fully stocked UK warehouse for goods that range from steel bollards to free-standing demarcation barriers. For the personal touch – and added visibility – most products in our range are available in three different finishes, including galvanised steel, stainless steel or polyester powder-coating in any standard RAL colour.

Nobody offers service like Ezi Klamp. Trust our expert team to fulfil your order and deliver your barriers and bollards fast, so you can install your new safety measures and be assured that your premises are protected. It’s all part of a personal service rated 9.4/10 by our satisfied customers.

Bollards, Barriers & Cycle Stands

  • 114mm Dia Galv Steel Bollard

    Root-Fix with Yellow Hi-Vis Band

  • Free-Standing Demarcation Barrier

    Due to demand from existing clients, we now have this effective social distancing barrier system available for all businesses and organisations to purchase, with quick delivery from our UK headquarters. The Ezi Klamp Demarcation barrier is free-standing, quick to install and is tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 105mph.


    Ideal for:

    - Supermarkets

    - Hospitals

    - Health Centres

    - Nursing Homes

    - Covid-19 Testing Centres

    - Foodbanks

    - Food Collection Centres

    - ...Or anywhere else that needs to segregate people.

    We'd also like to say that we are delighted to be included within a new, free COVID-19 Healthcare Directory which showcases a range of products that support the reduction of the spread of the virus, patient care, and the protection of healthcare professionals. We have teamed up with Medaco, a leading supplier of health and patient care equipment, and a number of other businesses, to create a brand new COVID-19 Health Directory which showcases products and equipment that can be used to treat and support COVID-19 patients and health care providers.

    The directory is interactive, enabling you to easily find out more information about each product with direct links to each supplier and we hope it will save valuable time.

    Our sales team are on hand to answer any questions you might have. We all need to help as much as possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and with a real demand for products that can make a difference, we would be grateful if you could share the link to the directory so that as many people as possible can access it.

    Please use the 'Download Brochure' button above to  access the Medical Directory.

  • Galvanised Steel Bollard

    Root Fixed, 114mm diameter

  • Galvanised Steel Cycle Stand

    Sheffield Style, Root Fixed

  • Hoop Barrier

  • Hoop Barrier

    76 mm diameter

    Can be powder coated to a colour of choice

  • Stainless Steel Bollard

    Root Fixed, 114mm diameter

  • Stainless Steel Cycle Stand

    Sheffield style, Root Fixed